Changing Default Colors in the Portal

When SmarterTrack is first set up, it sets a default color scheme for things like buttons and text, backgrounds, etc., and it sets this color scheme for each Brand that's added. However, System Administrators have the ability to fully customize that color scheme for each Brand, giving users the ability to fully match their overall scheme to their website and other branding options. 

By default, the options area as follows:
Each of these colors correspond to a specific area of the Portal. 
  • Primary Color -- the background behind the primary buttons (Home, Knowledge Base, etc.) and the default or custom logo.
  • Secondary Color -- This is used for minor highlight such as lines, asterisks, etc. that are used throughout the Portal.
  • Primary Button Color -- This is the color of the standard "button" in the interface, including the Home, Knowledge Base, Tickets icons as well as buttons such as the Start Ticket, Create Thread and Post Reply buttons.
  • Secondary Button Color -- The color of buttons such as Search buttons and the Yes/No buttons for helpfulness ratings in the Knowledge Base. This also forms the basis for social media icons and the RSS feed icon. (Though these latter buttons are slightly altered automatically.) 
  • Button Text Color -- The color of the text on any primary or secondary button.
  • Content Background Color -- this is the main background color for all content areas: the homepage, Community, etc. 
  • Navigation Bar Color -- this is the bar that sits at the very top of the page, where the Login, Register and language buttons are located.
  • Text Color -- The default text color for the majority of content posted, such as Knowledge Base articles, News items, Community posts, etc.
  • Link Color -- The default color for any links posted across the Portal, whether in Knowledge Base articles, News items, Community posts, etc.
Each of these can be changed to create a new, fresh look for a company's Portal. When combined with things like changing the custom CSS for a Brand, using Custom Messages and more, the Portal can be completely changed and customized to a company's need.