Changing the Default App for a File Type on Android

Whether on a desktop, laptop, or mobile device, when you open a file you've downloaded, the device you're using will generally have a default application it uses to open that file type. Word documents (.doc/.docx) generally open with Microsoft Word, text files (.txt) open with a generic text editor, image files (.jpg, .png, etc.) will open with a photos app or a default photo viewer, etc. 

However, there are situations where you attempt to open a file that's attached to a ticket or chat in SmarterTrack Mobile but there's no default application set for its type. (E.g., you open a PDF document attached to a ticket from your Android device.) In these cases, you'll be asked which app to use to open the file. Most of the time you'll make the right choice, but occasionally you'll select an app that can't actually open the file. What do you do then? (NOTE: This is really only an issue when using an Android device: Apple has built-in readers for most file types, so there's no need to select an app on iOS devices.)

It's worth pointing out that changing the default application used for different file types on Android differs slightly based on the version of Android you're using and, to be honest, the device manufacturer. (I.e., steps may also vary slightly on Samsung devices versus Google Pixel devices.) The general steps are:
  1. Go to your device Settings
  2. Find out how/where to manage Apps / Applications
  3. Find the app you want to change. For example, you're using Chrome to open PDF files but you want to use a PDF reader.
  4. Open that app's settings to see the information for that app.
  5. Scroll down until you find a "Clear defaults" option. If that app is selected for any file types on your device, the button will be enabled. You can clear all of the defaults, or, in some cases, you'll have the ability to remove specific file types.
  6. You can then go back to the file in SmarterTrack Mobile and and re-open it and select a more suitable app. It may also be possible to set apps in your Settings to be the defaults for specific file types. Again, this depends on your device and the version of Android you're using.
That's essentially it. The good news is that selecting an incorrect app as the default for a specific file type is an annoyance, but it's not permanent. You may just need to search a bit to find out exactly how you correct it.