Forgot Administrator Login to Hosted SmarterTrack Helpdesk

SmarterTrack administrators can reset agent and user passwords from within the Settings section of the management interface. However, if an administrator loses his/her password, they are locked out of the management interface and must use the SmarterTools website to reset the password.

Follow these steps to reset an administrator password for your Hosted SmarterTrack site.

  1. Visit the SmarterTools website and click on the account icon in the upper right. (Noted with the red arrow.) If you have forgotten that password as well, use the password reset functionality there.
  2. Once logged in, select Hosted Services from the dropdown.
  3. Find the URL for the appropriate site and click Reset Admin Password.

  4. Select the desired user from the list. NOTE: Only administrators appear in this list. Other users should be modified directly within your hosted SmarterTrack helpdesk.
  5. Enter a new password and confirm the password.
  6. Click Save.

You will now be able to log into your Hosted SmarterTrack site with the new credentials.

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