Emergency 24x7 Support

SmarterTools offers a variety of support tickets that customers can utilize for technical assistance. For more information on the support ticket options available and answers to common questions, please refer to the SmarterTools Support Policy.

Emergency 24x7 Support - BUY NOW

$399 per ticket

An Emergency 24x7 Ticket can be used to resolve a critical technical issue where a business is experiencing a complete outage or critical failure of SmarterTools software that is negatively affecting a large number of end users. 

Emergency Support tickets are submitted as part of the purchase process, right from the SmarterTools website and will receive a one-hour response time, 24/7/365, regardless of when the ticket was submitted. This includes weekends, after SmarterTools' standard business hours, holidays, etc. NOTE: Emergency 24x7 Tickets receive a one-hour initial response time; however, some issues do take longer to resolve. This ticket guarantees a response within one-hour, while the resolution may take longer. 


Items covered under an Emergency 24x7 Ticket could include complete outages due to software bugs, installation or migration issues, or other issues that are affecting a large number of end users. If SmarterTools deems an emergency support request to be of non-emergency nature, any emergency support costs will be refunded and the issue will be resolved through standard support channels. 
Note for legacy versions: Emergency support for legacy versions of SmarterTools products are solely for response time. SmarterTools will only offer hot fixes for current installations of any of our products. In addition, in order to upgrade to a current version, your license must have active Maintenance and Support. That said, our agents will do whatever they can to assist you with any emergency you have and attempt to get your server back online.

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