Completely Uninstall SmarterTrack

On occasion, a system administrator may need to completely uninstall SmarterTrack. For example, if your help desk moves from an old server to a new one, the system administrator may wants to clean up the old server and re-purpose it for another use.

Applies to All Versions of SmarterTrack

Follow these steps to completely uninstall SmarterTrack:
  1. Uninstall SmarterTrack using the Add/Remove Programs feature of Windows
  2. Delete the SmarterTrack software folder. By default, this folder is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\SmarterTools\ (NOTE: If SmarterTrack is the only SmarterTools product installed on the server, the entire "SmarterTools" folder can be deleted.)
  3. Delete the SmarterTrack website and application pool from within IIS.
  4. Finally, if SmarterTrack is no longer being used, it's possible to delete the database or schema associated with it. How you do this depends on the database being used: Microsoft SQL versus MySQL. However, if you're going to continue using SmarterTrack, but on a different server, the database should not be deleted.
All components of SmarterTrack have been removed from the server.