Modify What Triggers Browser Notifications

We understand that most SmarterMail users do not work in the webmail interface 100% of their day. To accommodate this, SmarterMail utilizes browser notifications in order to alert users of standard activity within their account. For example, when browser notifications are enabled and you are logged into the SmarterMail web interface, you’ll get a pop-up notification at the bottom of your screen when a message is delivered to your inbox, a calendar reminder is triggered or a team chat message is received. Simply click the browser notification and you’ll open your new message, go to the live chat, go to a meeting workspace or open your calendar event, regardless of the browser you’re using or the application you were currently in.
NOTE: If you're using a new browser or haven't previously set the notification permissions, you will be prompted to allow this functionality when a new message is delivered to your inbox, a calendar reminder is triggered or a chat message is received. Keep in mind that clearing your browser cookies will make SmarterMail request this permission again.
Follow these steps to modify what triggers browser notifications:
  1. Log into SmarterMail as a user or Domain Administrator.
  2. Click the Settings icon.
  3. From the Settings menu, click on Account Settings
  4. In the Notifications card, adjust the alerts as desired:
    • Calendar reminders - Receive notifications for calendar appointments you organize or attend. (Notifications that are sent when the SmarterMail web interface is not open will be sent to the Notifications window. Access these notifications by clicking on the Notification icon in the upper right corner of the interface.)
    • Chat messages - Receive notifications for standard chat messages and chat messages sent from a Team Workspace you organize or participate. 
    • New email - Receive notifications for emails that are delivered to your Inbox. 

Unblocking Notifications

If "Browser notifications have been disabled in this browser." is displayed in the Notifications card, you must unblock SmarterMail from receiving browser notifications in order to enable/disable specific alerts. For more information on allowing browser notifications, please refer to Unblock / Allow Browser Notifications.
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