Flex Billing for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync

Flex Billing for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync is a way for large ISPs and web hosting companies to dynamically pay for Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) without needing to pre-purchase a license pack. With Flex Billing attached to your SmarterMail Enterprise license you can enable EAS on all SmarterMail servers in your datacenter efficiently and profitably. This makes it easy to give your customers the best and most efficient way to get native, mobile synchronization of their email, calendar and contacts - and even notes and tasks on those devices that support it - regardless of their platform.
With Flex Billing, implementation is easy. There's no need for manual accounting and reporting as this is handled through our licensing calls. API calls are also available for those who automate mailbox setup and configuration. The API calls include the ability to enable/disable EAS per mailbox, set domain limits for self-added EAS accounts and more. We will even assist with your implementation of Flex Billing to ensure its setup will benefit your company and its customers. Find answers to some common questions below:
Who is Flex Billing available to?
Flex Billing is available to large ISP’s and high volume hosting providers that are set up for monthly summary invoicing. As with the current EAS packages, it is only available for Enterprise licenses. Furthermore, your SmarterMail installations must be at version 12.3.5308 or higher. 
How much does Flex Billing cost?
Flex Billing costs $1.00 per month per mailbox. Any mailbox that has EAS enabled at any time during the month will be charged. Please keep in mind that this charge is not prorated. 
When will I be charged?
You will be charged in monthly summary invoices. In that summary invoice each license will show a single line with how many EAS accounts were active during the billing cycle. Any Flex licenses that were enabled during the month will be reflected in the total charge.
How is usage calculated?
Every day's usage is automatically reported through licensing calls to SmarterTools Servers. To accommodate any unusual fluctuations, the top 2 days are dropped. This results in billing for roughly the 93rd percentile of usage.

Is Maintenance and Support still required?
Due to our licensing agreements with Microsoft, Maintenance and Support is still required in order to use Flex Billing for EAS.
How do I get started with Flex Billing?
To get started with Flex Billing send a request to our sales team by emailing sales@smartertools.com. During business hours you can also start a live chat or call us at 877.357.6278. A sales representative will request more details about your environment to determine if the Flex Billing partnership is a good fit.
For more information on Exchange ActiveSync, please see the SmarterMail Online Help.


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