Custom Development

SmarterTools offers a variety of support tickets that customers can utilize for technical assistance. For more information on the support ticket options available and answers to common questions, please refer to the SmarterTools Support Policy.

Custom Development

Pricing Varies 

Custom development costs are based on the amount of time and work required. Pricing may be a concern as it is very expensive to remove developers from their work on current products. There are many active users in the SmarterTools Community who are considered to be product experts. You may find it faster and more cost effective to reach out to those users in the Community. 


Custom development requests include things, such as unique database queries, customizations to the interface, modifications to functionality, integration with backend systems, etc. To make your request, submit a ticket to the Sales Department at the tickets section of the Support Portal. An agent will discuss your request and collaborate with the development team to determine the steps necessary to produce it. If approved, you will be sent a price quote for the cost of development and development on your request will begin.

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