WHMCS Add-On Module for SmarterMail

The WHMCS Add-On Module for SmarterMail is an open-source SmarterMail provisioning module for WHMCS, the all-in-one client management system that is popular with WHM/CPanel users. With this module, you can create, enable, disable, and delete domains from within WHMCS. The module also communicates with WHM to modify A and MX records to appropriately point towards the mail server. Currently, the module assumes WHM and the mail server to be hosted on the same server, but as the module is open source, this can easily be reconfigured. The module also displays links to a client’s domain management page from within the WHMCS client area pages.
Version 1.0 (03-27-2013)
  • The module now changes the Mail Exchanger setting in WHM/CPANEL to remote and points an MX record to the SmarterMail server when the add-on is activated.
  • The module now suspends, unsuspends, and terminates the add-on (And the domain inside of SmarterMail) when the parent Product / Service is suspended, unsuspended, or terminated.
The code was written in PHP using the WHMCS API and module development kit. It is released under the GNU General Public License Version 3.

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