MailEnable to SmarterMail Converter

This conversion utility will convert MailEnable to SmarterMail. It has been tested with MailEnable version 6.x. Previous versions have not been tested but should still function. 
Version 1.0 (03-27-2013)
The following are converted:
  • Domains
  • Mailboxes
    • Email
    • Passwords
    • Auto-responders
    • First forward of forward list - any additional forwards are discarded
    • Delete message on forward option
    • Size limits
  • Groups
  • Lists
    • Not every feature moves over - subscribers and moderators do have to inquire about other settings
Note: Postoffices are converted as domain aliases to the primary domain in the postoffice (the primary domain is selected during the conversion). Any extra domains in the postoffice are also converted as domain aliases to the primary domain.
Note: MailEnable listens to all IP's by default. SmarterMail listens only on the IP addresses it is set to use in Settings. The converter requires a default IP that SmarterMail will be set to listen on. If you listen on multiple IP's you will have to manually change them after the conversion. To do this:
  1. Install SmarterMail.
  2. The wizard will ask where you want the root directory for storing SmarterMail domain/user files (including email). It will also ask for the path to domainList.xml which is already filled out correctly if you do a default installation. This file just stores a list of domains and path's to those domains. The converter needs to update this file during the conversion. You also need to enter an IP address that you want the domains to be attached too (the IP SMTP/POP/IMAP will listen on).
  3. Next will be a list of MailEnable post offices. You will select the ones you wish to convert. You can convert a couple, or all of them. You can also reconvert a domain that has already been converted (overwrite it).
  4. Some post offices may have multiple domains under them. You will be asked to select a primary domain for each one of those. SmarterMail converts the selected primary domain over to a SmarterMail Domain. The others will be added as domain aliases to the primary domain.
None of the MailEnable files are moved/altered in any way, so you can run the converter as many times as you want while leaving MailEnable running. 
Source code is released under the GNU Lesser Public License.


This conversion utility to convert MailEnable to SmarterMail does not work for MailEnable 7.5 to SmarterMail 14.5
Patrick ORourke (3/15/2016 at 11:49 AM)
Hi Patrick. If you're experiencing trouble with the MailEnable converter, please consider submitting a ticket to our Support Department so they may troubleshoot this issue.
Andrea Rogers (3/15/2016 at 12:21 PM)
I am only a user from a server provider and I do not have permissions or the license number for smarter mail. If I cannot convert my mail I will be forced to stay with mailenable. Although SmarterMail is an extremely robust and great tool. Thank you for your response.
Patrick ORourke (3/17/2016 at 5:52 AM)
Hey Patrick. Unfortunately this is a type of issue that will need investigating by our support team; it isn't something that can be assisted with a quick fix. Please request that your server provider (or whoever owns the SmarterMail license key) submits a ticket to the Support Department to get this looked into. Alternatively, you can use the Mailbox Migration tool to bring over your mailbox data. While this will not move over everything that the MailEnable converter tool would, you should be able to get your email at the very least:
Andrea Rogers (3/17/2016 at 2:55 PM)