Move a User Account From One SmarterMail Domain to Another

This article applies to recent versions of SmarterMail. View articles for SmarterMail 15.x and earlier.
On occasion, system administrators may need to move a user's account from one domain to another. For example, a user could change from using to using, and the user would like to keep their email from

Follow these steps to move a user account to another domain:

  1. Create a new user with the same username on the new domain. For step-by-step directions, refer to the KB article Create a User in SmarterMail.
  2. Stop the SmarterMail service.
  3. Copy the user folder from the old domain to the new domain. By default, the user folder can be found at C:\SmarterMail\Domains\[domain_name]\User
  4. Restart the SmarterMail service.
  5. Delete the user from the old domain.
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