Move a User Account From One SmarterMail Domain to Another

On occasion, system administrators may need to move a user's account from one domain to another. This may be the result of a user changing from using to using, and the user would like to keep their e-mail from

This article applies to recent versions of SmarterMail. View articles for SmarterMail 15.x and earlier.

Follow these steps to move a user account to another domain:

  1. Create a new user with the same username on the new domain. For step-by-step directions, refer to the KB article Create a User in SmarterMail.
  2. Stop the SmarterMail service.
  3. Copy the user folder from the old domain to the new domain. By default, the user folder can be found at C:\SmarterMail\Domains\\User
  4. Restart the SmarterMail service.
  5. Delete the user from the old domain.
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