Link Tasks to Email Messages

This article applies to recent versions of SmarterMail. View articles for SmarterMail 15.x and earlier.

SmarterMail supports the linking of tasks to email messages. Why would you want to do this, you ask? Well, if you have a conversation with someone about a project, and the email contains a list of "To Do's" or other items that are important for the completion of the task, linking your task to that email means you don't have to necessarily re-create your list. Instead, you'll have the original discussion attached. Even if you DO recreate lists or add items, you will have that original discussion for reference.

Follow these steps to generate and link a task from an email message:

  1. Log into SmarterMail as a user.
  2. Click the Email icon.
  3. Go to your Inbox, or whichever folder contains the email message you wish to link to a task.
  4. Select the message.
  5. Click on the Actions (...) button.
  6. From the dropdown menu, select Add Task.
  7. A new window will pop out. In it, you can create the Task by filling out the pertinent details. Once you click Save, the task is created and automatically assigned to the email. 
  8. On the email itself, a new Tab will appear, called Tasks. On that tab is a brief overview of the task that was associated to the message, including the task's title, start and due dates. Clicking on those details will pop out the task details. 
  9. Once the task is saved, a new Tasks tab will display in the message indicating that you successfully linked the task to the email.
To find messages that have Tasks linked to them, use the Sorting menu and select "Linked to Tasks" from the dropdown menu.


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