Coach Agents During Live Chats with Customers

This article applies to recent versions of SmarterTrack. View articles for SmarterTrack 12.x and earlier.

SmarterTrack's live chat feature gives businesses the ability to reduce phone calls, capture information on website visitors and assist more customers concurrently. With its included coaching functionality, Managers can provide assistance to Agents during active live chats without the customer's knowledge. This is a great way for organizations to aid in Agent training and efficiency, while ensuring the customer receives accurate information.

Follow these steps to coach an Agent during a live chat:

  1. Log in to the SmarterTrack management interface as an Agent with a role of Manager.
  2. Click the Live chat icon.
  3. Under the Global Live Chats header, click Active. A list of all active live chats will load in the content pane.
  4. Select the live chat for which you want to coach. The live chat will load in the content pane.
  5. To coach the agent, type a message in the yellow chat box. Once sent, the coached message will be displayed for the Agent, and ONLY for the Agent. 
  6. When an Agent receives a coached message during a live chat, an additional textbox will appear where they can reply to the Manager coaching them. This way, the Agent and the Manager can carry on a conversation within the live chat itself. This allows both to use the messages between the Agent and the customer as the basis for their discussion without taking the Agent's focus off the customer.
NOTE: The customer will NOT see the text of coached messages; only Managers and Agents can see the coached messages. In addition, if the customer requests a transcript of the live chat, coaching messages are NOT included in the transcript.

For more information, please refer to the SmarterTrack Online Help.


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