Add a Company Logo to the Customer Portal

This article applies to recent versions of SmarterTrack. View articles for SmarterTrack 12.x and earlier.

To ensure consistent branding, companies may wish to upload their company logo to the customer portal. Follow these steps to display a company logo on the portal:

Log in to the SmarterTrack management interface as an Administrator.

  1. Log into the SmarterTrack management interface as a System Administrator.
  2. Click the Settings icon.
  3. Under the Manage header click Brands.  A list of brands will load in the content pane.
  4. Select the desired Brand and click the Edit button. The settings for the brand will load in the content pane. (Alternatively you can double click on the Brand name.)
  5. On the Options tab, upload your Company Logo by clicking the Choose File button, then navigating to the file on your computer and clicking Open.
  6. Be sure to check the box next to Display logo on portal so that your new logo appears.
  7. Click the Save button. Your company logo will now be visible in the upper left corner of your customer-facing Portal.


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