Upgrade SmarterStats Levels and Editions

With a valid license key, companies can easily upgrade to the Professional or Enterprise editions or increase the number of sites available in SmarterStats without the need to reinstall or upgrade files. Because the SmarterStats download contains all of the installation files needed for any licensing level or edition, all you need to do is activate your license key within SmarterStats to complete the upgrade.

Applies to SmarterStats 6.x - Current

Purchasing a License Key
You can purchase license upgrades directly from the SmarterTools website. Once you're logged in with the email address and password for the account simply follow the prompts to upgrade the license.

Activating a License Key
Once the license key has been upgraded, the license key will need to be reactivated to unlock the additional features (if applicable) or to increase the number of sites. For reactivation instructions, refer to the SmarterTools Knowledge Base.

For more information, refer to the Installation and Deployment section of the SmarterStats Online Help. For help purchasing an upgrade, please contact the sales department by emailing sales@smartertools.com. During business hours you can also start a live chat or call us at 1.877.357.6278.


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