Scheduled Email Reports Not Sent at Regular Intervals

There may be times when scheduled email reports are not sent to the recipients as scheduled until a user logs into the web interface. Troubleshooting this issue is really pretty simple.

The emailing of daily, weekly or monthly reports in SmarterStats is a background task. If there has been no activity on the site for some time, IIS may deactivate the site. As a result, email reports will not be processed until there is some activity on the site and IIS starts it running again. This activity could be as simple as navigating to the SmarterStats login page.

To force IIS to keep the site active, download and install SmarterPing. Then run SmarterPing from Start --> All Programs --> SmarterTools --> SmarterPing --> SmarterPing. You should leave it set to start automatically, leave the time interval at 10 minutes, and then add your SmarterStats URL to the list. Do not forget to save the configuration changes.


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