Set up SmarterStats as an IIS 6.0 Site

By default, SmarterStats installs a basic Web server that allows companies to start using the application immediately after installation. However, SmarterTools recommends moving to a more robust and secure Web server, such as Microsoft IIS.

The instructions for setting up SmarterStats as an IIS site differ slightly depending on what version of IIS you're on. Only the instructions for IIS 6.0 are described below.

NOTE: This topic assumes that you are familiar with IIS and how it works. SmarterTools recommends that you use the Web server included with SmarterStats if you are unfamiliar with or uncomfortable using Microsoft IIS.

Applies to SmarterStats 6.x-10.x

An overview of the instructions are:

  1. Disable the SmarerStats Web server
  2. Add Application pool
  3. Add SmarterStats to IIS
  4. Verify IIS Settings
  5. Update DNS
  6. Test the site

Disable the SmarterStats Web Server
These steps will stop and disable the web server included with SmarterStats. They will also have the side-effect of disabling the shortcut on SmarterStats on your desktop until you update it with the new URL for SmarterStats.

  1. Click on Start -> Program Files -> SmarterStats -> Web Server Config.
  2. Click on the Stop button.
  3. Change the Startup Mode to Disabled.
  4. Click on the Apply button.
  5. Click the Close button.

Add an Application Pool
Follow these steps to add an application pool:

  1. Click on Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
  2. Right click on Application Pools and choose New -> Application Pool.
  3. Name the pool SmarterStats (or something equivalent) and click OK.
  4. Right click on the application pool that was just created and click Properties.
  5. Select the Identity tab.
  6. Select Network Service from the drop down list, and click OK.
Change Your File Permissions
These steps will walk you through how to change your file permissions for your SmarterStats website to ensure IIS can read and write to the appropriate files.
  1. Navigate to your SmarterStats directory. By default, this is at C:\Program Files\SmarterTools\SmarterStats\. On 64-bit machines, it will be under C:\Program Files (x86)\SmarterTools\SmarterStats\.
  2. Right click on the MRS folder and select Properties.
  3. Click the Security tab.
  4. Click Edit.
  5. Click Add.
  6. In the textbox, type Network Service and click OK. Note that if your server is connected to a domain, you will need to click the Locations button, and select your server as the location. Windows selects a default location of the domain to add users.
  7. Highlight the Network Service user and select Read & execute, List folder contents, and Read, under the Allow column. Ensure no check boxes are selected under the Deny column.
  8. Click OK and you will be brought back to the MRS Properties window. Click OK here as well.
  9. Open the MRS folder.
  10. Right click on the App_Data folder and select Properties.
  11. Click the Security tab.
  12. Click Edit.
  13. Highlight the NETWORK SERVICE user and select Full Control under the Allow column. Ensure no check boxes are selected under the Deny column.
  14. Click OK and you will be brought back to the App_Data Properties window. Click OK here as well.

Add SmarterStats to IIS
Follow these steps to add SmarterStats to IIS:

  1. Click on Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
  2. Right-click on the web sites tree on the left of the page and choose New -> Web Site.
  3. When asked for a description, type SmarterStats.
  4. Choose the IP address to use for SmarterStats. If this IP address is shared with another web site, you will need to use a different port or Host Headers. For more information about using Host Headers, refer to the IIS documentation.
  5. For the physical path, browse to the SmarterStats\MRS folder. The default location is: C:\Program Files\SmarterTools\SmarterStats\MRS.
  6. Leave the "Allow anonymous access to this web site" box checked.
  7. When asked what permissions to grant, choose only Read and Run Scripts.
  8. Finish the Wizard.

Verify IIS Settings
Follow these steps to verify the IIS settings:

  1. If you are using Windows 2003, verify that ASP .NET v4.0.30319 Web Service Extension is set to Allowed in IIS. If you do not see ASP .NET under Web Service Extensions, ensure that ASP .NET is enabled in the Application Server. You can do ths by going to: Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs -> Windows Components -> Application Server -> Details. 
  2. Ensure that the default document for the site is Default.aspx (under the Documents tab).
  3. For better performance, set HTTP content expiration for 7 days on the App_Themes folder unless you are actively creating a new skin.
  4. In Windows 2003, alter application pool’s performance tab to disable the “Shutdown worker process after being idle for,” or change it to a high value, like 240.

Update DNS
If any sites are already set up with SmarterStats, make sure to update their DNS records to point to the new IP address.

Test the site
Open up your browser and type the IP address of the site you just added.

For more information, refer to the Running as an IIS Site section of the SmarterStats Online Help.


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