Ditch Black & White - Bring Colored Icons to SmarterMail 16
Idea shared by Ronald Raley - June 3, 2017 at 9:28 AM
I would like to start a rally for SmarterTools to ditch black and white icons in SmarterMail 16.  Replace them with vibrant color!
This is my argument:
When using the tools everyday, colored icons will fire more neurotransmitters in your brain than black & white icons.  In other words, it would be easier for the human brain to remember these functions, thus a better experience.
I understand themes are coming, but don't be afraid of color in the baseline product.  Vote if you agree.

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This. I love this!!!


Andrea Rogers Replied
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Thanks for the suggestion, Ronald! I voted up the thread in my agreement, though I do hope for the ability to customize these colors as Administrators see fit. Themes are coming to SmarterMail in the future, and I'm excited to see their implementation! 

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Related to this, but I didn't want to start another thread about it, is that there's a bit too much white-space IMO in the UI, particularly in pages like the Manage -> Spool page.  The trend towards white-space has always been a bit of a waste of screen space, but in a data-intensive web application all this white-space just makes it harder to see the data.
So my simple suggestion is the following style rule:
.st-table .table>tbody>tr>td, .st-table .table>tbody>tr>th, .st-table .table>tfoot>tr>td, .st-table .table>tfoot>tr>th, .st-table .table>thead>tr>td, .st-table .table>thead>tr>th
Change the padding: 10px to something a little more moderate, like padding: 5px.  I tested that using Chrome's dev tools on the spool management page and it made quite a bit of difference in both how well the columns fit on the page as well as how many rows show on the screen before scrolling.
I also dont like the "View Logs" page, everything feels crammed in the right side with a ton of wasted whitespace...


This thread's new slogan is "Make SmarterMail Colorful Again"

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