Helpful and Important Information about Spoofing, Phishing, and Spear Phishing
Announcement made by Linda Pagillo - April 25 at 1:09 PM
Hi everyone! SmarterTools team... if I am not allowed to post this here, please remove it and let me know. Also, I apologize in advance if that is the case. We have put together a document with a lot of useful and important information about spoofing, phishing and spear phishing. I wanted to share it with all of you because now-a-days with the problem of ransomware, conversation hijacking and spear phishing plus all of the other techniques that spammers use to wreak havoc on businesses and individuals, you can never have too much information to protect yourself. Enjoy and I hope you find the article as helpful as I have:
Linda Pagillo
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Andrea Rogers Replied
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Thanks for sharing the article, Linda! Very informative and helpful. 

Andrea Rogers
Customer Operations Manager
SmarterTools Inc.

Thanks for the post Linda

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