Include sub-folders in Shared Folder (aka Public Folders)
Idea shared by kevind - December 16, 2015 at 8:54 AM
SM can only share one folder at a time and it doesn't include sub-folders. If you want to share many folders, you need to share every folder individually, and the recipients need to attach every folder individually. This is cumbersome.
The fix: allow sub-folders inside a shared folder like other servers (Exchange, MDaemon, etc.)
Example: Your business has 25 customers, so you create a Customer folder with a sub-folder for each customer to save orders, returns, etc. Then you share that Customer folder so employees can access the 25 sub-folders.
Please add this feature so the business doesn't have to share 25 folders individually and have every employee attach them. And when the business gets a new customer, they can create the sub-folder and everyone sees it automatically.

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yep, this is crazy - long overdue feature...
Agreed! If you haven't already, click the 'up' button in the subject box to vote for this item. Supposedly, the more votes, the more likely it ST will consider it for a future version.
Long over due this is a nightmare, if you are sharing a folder it should be all contents of that folder ie a subfolder

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