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Idea shared by Michael Woods - 11/10/2019 at 7:05 AM
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I purchased smartermail in hopes that would allow me to discontinue use of a file sharing program called FileRun and move my file sharing needs into SmarterMail. I have no affiliation with FileRun other than as a user. However, I think you might find it useful as a guide for a great file sharing and syncing program.

If you develop something similar for your file storage section SmarterMail, you would have something spectacular to sell and could charge way more money for your product.

Sharing company information with our agents is easy

We've used FileRun for several years to share training and office information files with our 45 agents. we can share a folder, all of the sub-folders and all of the documents within the folders with all 45 real estate agents at our company simply by dragging documents and other file types into any subfolder under a higher level folder that has been shared with a group of users.

Agent share information with the company is easy too.

Each agent at our company can share closed transactions, insurance documents, annual education requirements and more privately without other agents seeing the information by dragging the documents into a folder that is shared only with them and the company.

With the addition of a well-thought-out sharing capability, I would be able to stop using Microsoft Exchange and FileRun. Yay!

I think you'll find this program useful to learn how to structure a great file sharing program for the businesses that purchase SmarterMail. If you like, I can demonstrate how we use it in our business when you are ready to begin working on this valuable feature of SmarterMail.

Mike Woods

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I moved your post to it's own thread as a feature request.  I've also submitted this suggestion to our developers for discussion. I just thought this was a great request that deserved it's own thread.
You guys should license ICFiles.com / ICFiles.net from me and use it as your File Sharing Systme.

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