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Question asked by Chaz Garrett - January 14, 2015 at 12:17 PM
Our business has 2 entities, started separately and merged. So employees have email from either entity A or B. We are looking for a way to merge the two without loosing branding and established email address for either entity.  We are really looking to share resources like calendars, contacts and chat.  Any suggestion

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Ditto. Multiple divisions within the company -,, However, creating and using the domain alias is not suitable as each division has common addresses like '' - managed by entirely different people.
Any possibility domains can share resources?
Bruce Barnes Replied
You could make one a sub-domain of the other and merge the resources into the main domain.
They they can share everything.
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Smarter Tools- any plans to allow user A on Domain 1 to be able to share resources (contacts, calendar) / chat with user B on Domain 2 ??
pixel Replied
Definitely would like to see something on this.  I'm testing out SmarterMail Enterprise, and this is definitely a gotcha from what I require, and what I have had from the product I'm currently using.  I need to be able to share multiple calendars (and eventually contacts) with other users in other domains.  For now, looks like I might need to stick with still using the other product...
Yea. There's been no ST official activity on this. Seems of very super low priority.
Von-Austin See Replied
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At this time there are no plans on incorporating sharing between multiple domains on the same server. We get this request a couple times a month in both our sales and support departments so it should already be on our radar for future considerations. 
I'll be glad to submit a feature request on my end and will send this directly to the developers for further consideration. 
In my writeup to them I will include the feature request for linking shared resources (Contacts, Calendars, Chat, etc) on multiple SmarterMail domains within the same server, as well as public links for shared resources. 
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Thanks. Yea. It seems if it's requested several times a month I wish it was considered for inclusion in future version. In this thread alone we've been talking about it for a year.
actually this is a very very important feature because most of companies has sub domains and different domain with in single organization so communicating between them is really important
Hope smarter mail will release this feature very soon
Michael Breines Replied
Agreed, but we're gonna need more votes for ST to take this serriously
Mark Milton Replied
I would also really like to see this feature added. Would help a lot with a few of my clients

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Paul Blank Replied
Not only should this kind of thing be relatively simple to implement (yes, I know that nothing is really "simple,") it would be a valuable feature in general for SM. In addition, it should also allow communication between separate servers running SM (to be allowed by an "inclusion" list on each server). Thinking forward, it would certainly be a positive selling point for ST and SM for their products, as more and more data communication moves to the cloud.

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