SmarterMail vs MS Exchange: what are the missing features and when will they be implemented?
Question asked by Gabriele Maoret - SERSIS - 8/29/2021 at 11:55 PM
Smartermail is an exceptional product and we have started (finally!) to use it for MAPI / EWS and EAS functions as well.

However, there are some features that are not yet on par with MS Exchange and that can therefore prevent the migration of some customers who are taking advantage of them.

My question is: is there a list of missing features (compared to MS Exchange) with a corresponding implementation plan?

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These are some examples (in order from most important/blocking to least blocking):

1 - full server side support for Outllook "complete" flag management on mails (To Do List from messages flagging)
2 - full server side support for Outlook messages colour categories
3 - support for "Recovery deleted Items" 
4 - synchronization of Rules between Outlook and the server (Exchange server-side rules)
5 - Public Folders

I will add more as they are reported...
Jeffrey Wilkinson Replied
Agreed.  Our Exchange users are heavily invested in Public folders, particularly for departmental calendars-- PTO schedules, duty rosters, etc.

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