Make Bug Tracker a Feature on SmarterTrack
Idea shared by Ron Raley - 3/6/2021 at 5:21 PM
My company would use this for our software bug tracking needs.

+1 if you agree with this pathway.

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If I were a bug, I could easily survive this community and continue to infect more systems.

If I were a bug tracked by SmarterTrack Bug Tracker, I wouldn't make it far and would live a short life. Squashed. Splat.

Think about it!
Alright, let's rethink this. What percentage of SmarterTrack customers offer technology services where there might be a bug?

Basically I envision a simple database system, separate from the community. Then each record could be set with a variety of statuses and colors.

It could be used not only as a bug tracker, but a complaint tracker, repair request, service due, etc. This could work for non-tech companies too.

They key is getting it separate from a community. A simple custom database system.
We wrote our own CRM/Task/Bug Tracking system. It has worked well for our needs. A dozen developers use it and find it super easy. Now sales is getting on board that it's passed all the developers. Maybe write your own?

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