SmarterMail Administrator Dashboard needs Love
Idea shared by Ron Raley - 10/29/2020 at 3:30 PM

Please consider updating the Dashboard.  My team would like to put something up on a display screen in our office to closely monitor our mail server during high traffic daytime hours.

A few thoughts.

The memory and cpu charts look like pong from the 80's.  We are in 2020 :)
Convert Drive Statistics to a real-time graph versus purple slinky.
Include Waiting to Deliver with Messages in Spool so we can see total messages.
Build real-time graphs for each protocol connection versus just numbers going up and down.
Real-time graph of incoming messages
Real-time graph outgoing messages
Real-time graph of online users
Admin Notifications Scrolling Banner at the top
Allow Dashboard to Pop Out of Frameset and have it's own window.

Taking a closer look at these items will result in the entire SmarterTools team receiving one FREE catered Chick-Fil-A lunch delivered to the office doorstep.  I am not a promise breaker!


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We use PRTG to display stats about SM, including the MailService.exe process as well as SmarterMail stats. We use it exactly as you are describing. We have numerous televisions that display variables aspects of our PRTG system.
echoDreamz, really?  That is awesome!

Can it monitor the mail protocols and spool?  Do you mind sharing a photo / screenshot?



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