SmarterMail Domain Admin created an Infinite Never Ending Loop
Problem reported by Ron Raley - 9/8/2020 at 6:22 PM
They did this by putting a mailing list address as a subscriber in another mailing list... I think.

Now they keep bouncing back and forth to each other:
"Sorry, you do not have permission to post to the xxxx@mydomain.com mailing list."

I'm trying to figure out how to stop it without killing SmarterMail right now.


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Ron Raley Replied
Okay, so that was definitely the issue.  The domain admin placed 8 mailing list addresses as subscribers in another mailing list.  A few things if this ever happens with the current version. FYI.

1. Removing the mailing list addresses from subscribers does not stop the bounce loop.
2. Disabling the mailing lists does not stop the bounce loop.
3. Changing domain status to Disabled for a minute and back to Enabled DID STOP the bounce loop.

Robert Emmett Replied
Employee Post
@Ron, I have added this as an issue in our bugs list.
Robert Emmett
Software Developer
SmarterTools Inc.
(877) 357-6278
Ron Raley Replied
Robert, I appreciate the follow-up. Thank you.

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