Build 7496 - Continuous "Logging you in..." Spinner
Problem reported by Ron Raley - 7/12/2020 at 7:49 AM
Upgraded to SmarterMail Build 7496 last night.  I read that all mailboxes would be re-indexed.

However, 10 hours later we have users unable to login.  They simply receive the "Logging you in..." modal spinner endlessly.  Some have gotten in.  Others haven't.

I am reverting back to the previous build for now.


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Ron Raley Replied
I can confirm that going back to Build 7488 fixed this issue for us.
Chris Replied
Oddly, this is only happening to one of our servers. It spins for about 40-45 seconds before it logs in. And it also appears to be affecting larger mailboxes only (10GB+)
echoDreamz Replied
Could it be related to the indexing update, this is triggering all mailboxes to reindex themselves. 
Employee Replied
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Here was an issue where all mailboxes on a domain were unnecessarily being loaded/cached when the first user was loading in. The underlying issue has been identified and corrected. The custom build to resolve it has been confirmed to fix the issue. The fix will be available in the next release.
John Marx Replied
How is it a feature (Delete All Messages) is kept and yet the reading pane is removed? You state the reading pane is used by less than 10% of users. Where are the stats for that? Also, what percentage use the delete all feature? 

I know my users wouldn't bat an eye telling them they have to select all and then delete compared to the calls we still get for the reading pane being removed. 

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