SmarterTrack Unable to Send When Many Threads
Problem reported by Ron Raley - 5/29/2019 at 7:54 AM
Once a certain number of responses and replies are sent within a ticket, sending a response fails.  We only receive the spinner.  Must start a new ticket to re-contact customer.

Help would be appreciated.  Thanks, Ron

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Tony Scholz Replied
Employee Post

What is the number of responses that you are getting this at. I have seen tickets with over 400 responses on it that reply without issue. 

  • What version of SmarterTrack are you running?
  • Do you get any network or console errors using the browsers dev tools?

Thank you
Tony Scholz
Technical Support Specialist
SmarterTools Inc.
(877) 357-6278
Ron Raley Replied
Tony, Thank you for your response. We are running the most recent version of SmarterTrack. It recently happened last week. If it happens again, I will have our employee let me know which ticket it was and review the console and check the logs for any errors. Then I will update this thread. Thanks, Ron

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