New SmarterMail Release Available -- Build 7082
Announcement made by Derek Curtis - May 23 at 5:22 PM
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Build 7082 (May 23, 2019)

  • Added: Added conference room reservations to All Appointments calendar view.
  • Added: Added search input field to the timezone dropdown in appointment detail view.
  • Added: System administrator option to reload domain(s) through the web interface.
  • Changed: A calendar's color dot and sharing icon are now clickable for editing the calendar properties.
  • Changed: Error message when trying to import more users than the domain's limit.
  • Changed: If a user/domain have unlimited disk space configured, the Overview report generates a folder size comparison pie chart now.
  • Changed: POP, IMAP, and SMTP max connections settings changes no longer require a service restart to take effect.
  • Changed: Sort the user Disk Usage table by Disk Usage rather than Percent of Total.
  • Changed: The calendar context menu items are now based more on the clicked event actions.
  • Changed: The StartAndStop.log file to be prefixed with date component similar to other logs.
  • Efficiency: When deleting or marking multiple messages, the folders.json file is saved after all messages are modified.
  • Fixed: A domain alias can be created even if the alias name is in the Reserved Domains list.
  • Fixed: A server restart is required if switching between remote and local ClamAV.
  • Fixed: Aliases can be added that are fully-formed email addresses; added field validation added to prevent creation of new aliases that include domain names.
  • Fixed: Appointment times do not update in calendar views if the user changes their timezone.
  • Fixed: Attendees can only delete individual occurrences of recurring events from their calendar, not all occurrences.
  • Fixed: Autoresponder and Content Filter bouncing do not work properly if antispam options are set to "Require message pass SPF..."
  • Fixed: Both user settings and domain settings or reports icons can be highlighted at the same time.
  • Fixed: Case where Lucene was throwing several unhandled exceptions in logs.
  • Fixed: Changing the primary domain administrator and deleting the old administrator account does not remove that old administrator from accounts.json.
  • Fixed: Conference rooms set to Everyone do not auto-attach for new users.
  • Fixed: Creating a user that has a reserved Windows name causes the domain to stop loading.
  • Fixed: Disposable address dropdown does not show friendly name of shared folders.
  • Fixed: Error toast not always shown when trying to delete a read-only email.
  • Fixed: Fixed Plesk issue with not updating the Service Control Monitor properly.
  • Fixed: If an administrator changed a user's password, the new password was entered into the account's password history in place of the old password, causing the "previously used" password policy check to fail.
  • Fixed: Modifying a task generates a new ID for that task.
  • Fixed: New domain administrators are not getting the domain admin flag set correctly.
  • Fixed: Password compliance logic for symbols is inconsistent between the front end and back end.
  • Fixed: Reenabled HTML view in message archiving.
  • Fixed: Report label positioning for horizontal bar charts.
  • Fixed: Return Path is not sent correctly for password reset emails.
  • Fixed: Scenario when accepting an updated appointment is not fully updating all calendar fields.
  • Fixed: Scenario where an incorrect email may be occasionally unflagged.
  • Fixed: Selected items in notifications window still being selected while searching.
  • Fixed: Special email folders sometimes appear in different orders.
  • Fixed: svcDomainAdmin.asmx/ReloadDomain does not actually reload the domain settings. (Not properly clearing caches.)
  • Fixed: Task reminders are firing after task start times.
  • Fixed: The Delete key does not submit the Delete command after using the Select All action.
  • Fixed: The Disk Usage Legend in Overview report throws console errors.
  • Fixed: The selected chat user does not refresh properly when they change their display name.
  • Fixed: The Send button is missing from the message compose window on Safari for iOS devices.
  • Fixed: Two toasts (failure and success) show up when un-deleting an email.
  • Fixed: Unused disk space calculation could report negative values.
  • Fixed: Updated the svcSpamAdmin SOAP service to use new settings; fixed "Enable SRS when forwarding messages" from being set to false when calling svcSpamAdmin.SetSABPMSettings method.
  • Fixed: User availability still visible in appointments when setting is disabled for users.
  • Fixed: Visibility of the "Force password change at next login" shows even with Active Directory selected as auth mode when creating a user.
  • Fixed: When composing messages with emojis in the subject line, the subject line is improperly encoded.
  • Fixed: When creating/editing an appointment recurrence, the correct day of week may not be reflected.
  • Fixed: When deleting an EAS synchronized device, the device was sometimes not removed from the cache.
  • Fixed: When getting login customization, the hostname is not being checked; additionally, if a port is specified it will not use the login customization.
  • Fixed: When mapping calendars, domain calendars that are already mapped were not being properly filtered out.
  • Fixed: When renaming a folder, the old entry was not properly removed from the tree object resulting in a blank page when the sidebar is closed.
  • Fixed: When stripping the mailing list password from the subject, the subject line wasn't always being re-encoded properly.
  • Fixed: When trying to retrieve fresh DNS information, the settings file is saved multiple times unnecessarily.
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