Does SmarterMail 16 automatically drop bounced mailing list subscribers?
Question asked by Ronald Raley - July 8, 2017 at 1:13 PM
In SmarterMail 15, there was a setting that dropped mailing list subscribers after X number of bounces.
I have searched the documentation/forums and cannot find this setting in SmarterMail 16.
I have a customer with questions regarding this behavior.  Any clarification would be appreciated.

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I was wondering the same thing.  We had a user report that one of their lists went from 300 subscribers to less than 70 in a very short time period.  We can't figure out how that happened but it was around the same time that we had a bug with SM using random outgoing IP addresses (which has now been fixed) that was causing deliverability problems & bounces.
Derek Curtis Replied
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In previous versions there was a "Deletion Bounce Threshold" that was set by the domain administrator. In 16.x, that's handled automatically. I believe a subscriber is removed from a list after 3 bounces now. 
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Does the automated action send a notification to the administrator of the domain letting them know who is bouncing and getting removed ?
If not, there is no way i would want to use a feature that does not give me control of my settings and just does stuff on its own. - Providing technology services to non profit organizations, homeless shelters, clean and sober houses and prisoner reentry programs. To date we have given away over 1,000 free computers.

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