Time of Day based auto responder or bounce for specific addresses
Idea shared by Paul White - 7/27/2021 at 2:16 PM
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I have a client that is interested in either a custom autoresponder, or outright bouncing(even better) emails from specific addresses between specific hours of the day.  Say Emails between 9PM and 7AM from a specific user.  My client has an associate that gets drunk late at night and then sends negative emails to him.  He then gets to start the next day with this negative email, that the person should have never sent in the first place, and would have never sent had they been solber.  What I need is a bounce rule of sorts, that I could include a list of email addresses, the times of day and even days of the week this rule would be enforced, and what bounce message would be returned.  

For those of you who would say why doesn't he just talk to this associate, he has, and this associate still several times a week does this.  Let me know what can be done about this.  

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@Paul, currently there is no time-based option to do what you are looking for.  In content filters we do have an option for date-range based conditions but not time-based.  I have added this as a feature request to extend the current functionality.  A mockup of what you would be afterward is below:

Thanks Robert.
That feature would be awesome
(In SM 14 Enterprise) In the Domain "Event" settings, there is time based things and you can set actions based on a time of day.  Also can set the spam level as really high.  So you could set an autoresponder on this and then in addition mark it as spam and have the spam filter deal with it.  Why not add a ;bounce' option in there as well ?

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