New SmarterTrack Release Available -- Build 7219
Announcement made by Derek Curtis - October 7 at 4:13 PM
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Build 7219 (October 7, 2019)

  • Added: "Create Ticket" option to the (...) menu of an existing ticket's incoming message.
  • Added: Advanced Search by Departments in Call Logs.
  • Added: Advanced Search by Departments in Live Chats.
  • Added: Advanced Search by Departments in Tickets.
  • Added: New API "CreateIncomingTicket" that gives another way of creating a ticket that includes all past options.
  • Added: New chat round robin to include primary and secondary groups.
  • Added: Recent view for individual agents and departments in Global Tickets.
  • Changed: Moved chat round robin from global live chat settings to the Agent Group setting.
  • Changed: Reorder the "Ticket Workload" report and "Ticket Workload Trend" report columns.
  • Fixed: An issue in Knowledge Base Advanced Search where only one date range persisted when multiple date ranges were included in the search criteria.
  • Fixed: Basic ticket search loses focus and hides keyboard on Android devices.
  • Fixed: Chat losing its text box on disconnection.
  • Fixed: Endless spinner after saving VOIP changes.
  • Fixed: Endless spinner occurs on the Survey configuration page if no Questions have been added when saving.
  • Fixed: Endless spinner on the forms configuration page when saving if no fields have been added to the form.
  • Fixed: In Dark Theme, a grid's column headers do not show the sort caret.
  • Fixed: In Departments settings, clicking on the Brand or Department header results in the sort caret appearing on both the Brand and Department headers.
  • Fixed: In Settings -> Departments, sorting by the Brands column does not correctly sort the brands alphabetically.
  • Fixed: In VOIP Settings clicking on the Brand column in the Brand Configurations tab causes the preview pane to display an empty list.
  • Fixed: Issue that caused a thread to not sticky unless the page is immediately refreshed after submitting the Sticky Duration.
  • Fixed: Making a thread Sticky in the community could cause the editor to break.
  • Fixed: Naming issues in custom reports, some reports were listed multiple times in the dropdown.
  • Fixed: On the Final setup page for installation, the images for the links are broken.
  • Fixed: Order of the "Custom" fields In Custom Reports -> Report Item modal -> Group By dropdown not listed alphabetically by display name.
  • Fixed: Order of the Departments and Groups In Custom Reports -> Report Item modal -> Filter By dropdown not listed alphabetically.
  • Fixed: Order of the Users In Custom Reports -> Report Item modal -> Filter By dropdown not listed alphabetically by display name.
  • Fixed: Pasting an email address enclosed in <> into the ticket reply editor causes the <> to be encoded.
  • Fixed: Performing a basic search can sometimes cause a duplication of the list pane.
  • Fixed: SmarterTrack Communicator cuts off after a few minutes.
  • Fixed: The Cancel and Submit button are not lined up properly when editing Knowledge Base feedback.
  • Fixed: The Group column cannot be sorted alphabetically in the Groups setting.
  • Fixed: The ticket list does not always show the assigned agent.
  • Fixed: When an Information field type is added to a Form, the text editor does not expand to the full height that's available on the modal.
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