Include Headers when scrolling Preview Pane
Idea shared by kevind - 1/4/2023 at 5:31 PM
Small change to improve really webmail -- scroll the entire preview pane like Gmail and other web apps do.

The preview window has separate rows for all these header items, which leaves very little room to read the actual message, especially on laptops:
  • Reply / Delete / Junk / etc. buttons
  • *Subject
  • *From
  • *To
  • *Unsubscribe bullet
  • *Show Images bullet
  • *Tracker privacy bullet
  • Body of message
Only the last item, Body of message, scrolls up/down. If we can include all the starred (*) items in the scroll window, this will provide much more functionality and ease-of-use, allowing the user to read more of the message without having to open it in a separate window.

Keep in mind that the Subject, From, and To is already visible in the list of messages in the middle column, so OK if it scrolls off in the preview pane. Thanks!

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