New SmarterTrack Release Available -- Build 7054
Announcement made by Derek Curtis - April 24 at 5:29 PM
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Build 7054 (April 25, 2019)

  • IMPORTANT: Allow managers to see everything in the departments to which they belong as long as they're part of at least one Group within that Department.
  • IMPORTANT: Existing Agent roles with Reports permissions set to "Full Control" will be set to "None" with this upgrade.
  • Added: "Mark As Reviewed" and "Review" to the "..." menu on the KB Article preview page.
  • Added: New employee-type role permissions for Live Chats: "Participate in Instant Messages", "Participate in Chat Rooms", and "Create and Edit Chat Rooms".
  • Added: New employee-type role permissions for Users/Organizations: "Create user profiles" and "Delete user profiles".
  • Changed: Agents without the Manager and Administrator roles cannot see Tasks assigned to other agents.
  • Changed: Allow Administrators to filter reports by any group/department, regardless of their group membership.
  • Changed: Brand > Links in KB Feedback setting now grants permission based on the minimum required role. If your setting was previously assigned to a custom User role, it will be reassigned to Registered User. If your setting was previously assigned to a custom Employee role, it will be reassigned to Agent.
  • Changed: For the Agent role, None is now the default permission for Reports.
  • Changed: For user-type roles, remove all KB article permissions except View.
  • Changed: In Roles > employee role > Events tab, changed the language string from "Access the events system" to "Create and Edit My Events" for better accuracy.
  • Changed: Modify the "Allow managers outside of this Department to view its contents" department setting to only apply to managers assigned to a group in the same brand.
  • Changed: Upgrade Azure translation API to use version 3.0.
  • Changed: When a user is deleted, any canned replies assigned to them are also deleted.
  • Changed: When editing a role, the role name and role type are now displayed in the role header.
  • Changed: When viewing the settings for an Administrator employee who doesn't have the agent role, the Tickets and Live Chat tabs are disabled.
  • Fixed: Active chats don't account for daylight savings when calculating times to be displayed.
  • Fixed: Administrators can't see all categories in the community.
  • Fixed: Administrators without the agent role can see the brand selector in the chats nav tree.
  • Fixed: Agents without KB Article > Delete permissions can still delete a KB Article from the edit page.
  • Fixed: Agents without KB Articles > Modify permissions can still transfer KB Articles.
  • Fixed: Agents without the Call Logs > Delete permission can still delete call logs using the context (right click) menu.
  • Fixed: Agents without the Manager and Administrator roles can't perform an advanced search for chats.
  • Fixed: Canned Replies assigned to a deleted agent or department are shown in the content pane and on the Insert Canned Reply modal.
  • Fixed: Canned replies assigned to Everyone are not showing up in searches on the Canned Replies page.
  • Fixed: Editing a task from the preview causes it to open in a very large window.
  • Fixed: In-line images are not being properly embedded in outbound emails.
  • Fixed: KB Comments role permissions are never checked.
  • Fixed: Maintenance and Support expiration warning is incorrectly shown on installations running under a leased license.
  • Fixed: Replies to a thread sometimes don't update the thread's last reply date.
  • Fixed: Setting an employee role's Event permissions to None does not hide "My Events" in the settings area.
  • Fixed: Ticket Assignment and Error logs aren't properly rolling over after exceeding the max log size.
  • Fixed: Ticket created event with Send Email action is not properly replacing the #body# variable when a ticket is created by API.
  • Fixed: Ticket global views show tickets to managers that they should not be able to see.
  • Fixed: View and Read Only permissions for Call Logs do not work properly.
  • Fixed: When an agent doesn't have permissions for a specific report, it still shows in the Reports navigation tree.
  • Fixed: When an agent only has Read Only permission for News Items, the New button is still visible.
  • Fixed: When an agent tries to take a ticket in a group that they aren't a member of, the error message is improperly formatted.
  • Fixed: When creating an action for Ticket Created events, the Body Text variable is listed twice.
  • Fixed: When Distribution > "Manage Agent Status" is disabled , attempting to manage an agent's status loads the full Management Interface in a modal.
  • Fixed: When the KB Articles permissions are set to Read Only, the New button is still visible for KB Articles.
  • Removed: Ability to search canned replies by assigned agent.
  • Removed: All Purge permissions.
  • Removed: In the everyone role, removed all permissions that require login or are handled by Brand settings.
  • Removed: News permissions for User type roles.
  • Removed: Permission for KB Comments > Report Abuse. No permissions are required to report abuse in KB feedback comments.
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