New SmarterMail Release Available -- Build 7053
Announcement made by Derek Curtis - April 24 at 5:27 PM
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Build 7053 (Apr 24, 2019)

  • Added: Added 67 Office365 IPs to the default greylist bypass list.
  • Added: SmarterMail Migration option to the list of providers. (NOTE: this requires the Microsoft Exchange Web Services add-on.)
  • Changed: Clarified confusing wording in Delivery logs when a remote connection failed and a re-attempt occurs with the primary local IP.
  • Changed: Conversion backup files are now removed after 3 weeks.
  • Changed: From and To address inputs on Send Email and Send Notification event actions are now required fields.
  • Changed: How the system level settings are being cached to increase efficiency.
  • Changed: Sorting for mail folders in various modals now always displays the base set of folders first, in a set order.
  • Changed: The DKIM "Max message size to sign" setting moved from Antispam to a domain's settings.
  • Changed: Updated ClamAV client communication.
  • Changed: Updated the MaxMind GeoIP database for IP-based geolocation.
  • Fixed: A couple of situations where exceptions occur when making EWS FindItem requests.
  • Fixed: Accepting or declining an appointment invite loses the timezone information in the reply email.
  • Fixed: Added file type restrictions to Import Contacts modal (.csv, .vcf, and .zip).
  • Fixed: After users click on a mailing list double opt-in link, a GUID is added to the subscriber list instead of the user's email address.
  • Fixed: Cannot search user accounts by display name.
  • Fixed: Changing the reminder minutes from an EWS client does not update to the server.
  • Fixed: Content filter "Action" dropdown does not close when choosing an option.
  • Fixed: Content filters and folder auto-clean do not update folder paths if pointing to a child folder and the parent folder is renamed.
  • Fixed: Creating appointments in web mail show up as free in Outlook with EWS.
  • Fixed: Custom folders not always sorting alphabetically.
  • Fixed: Emails from a supposed "Trusted Sender" fail SPF checks but the spam scores are still zeroed out.
  • Fixed: If user enters a custom help URL, removes it, disables the Custom Help switch, you cannot save any domain changes.
  • Fixed: Impersonation modal does not work on iPads.
  • Fixed: Intermittent issues with user's folders disappearing (just folders -- no data is lost) from web interface or clients. (Most notably Outlook for Mac).
  • Fixed: Reblocking an inbound domain that was just unblocked does not actually block that domain again.
  • Fixed: Removing files from file storage does not update used disk space.
  • Fixed: Scenario in which DKIM header fields were not being properly signed.
  • Fixed: Scenario in which several signatures could duplicate.
  • Fixed: Scenarios in which spam checks could run twice during the SMTP session.
  • Fixed: Task reminder notifications do not fire in web interface.
  • Fixed: There are inconsistencies in URL validation in system admin and domain areas; validation requires http:// or https://.
  • Fixed: Typo in error message when an imported contact file actually contains no contact data.
  • Fixed: Users are unable to map multiple shared folders with the same name. (I.e., two different shared Inbox folders.)
  • Fixed: Various Exchange migration issues.
  • Translations: Updated the Chinese (Hong Kong), Chinese (Simplified), and Chinese (Traditional) translation files.
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