New SmarterTrack Release Available - Build 6957
Announcement made by Andrea Rogers - January 29 at 4:30 PM
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Build 6957 (Jan 29, 2019) Release Notes

  • Added: "Replies Inserted Into Chats" column For Canned Reply Contribution, Canned Reply Contribution Trend, Canned Reply Popularity, and Canned Reply Popularity Trend reports.
  • Fixed: Can't create a new database when running with an alternate language and the server has the relevant language pack installed.
  • Fixed: Canned Reply "Inserted into Chats" are not logged, causing popularity reports to be inaccurate.
  • Fixed: For installs using MySQL, the Ticket Time Logs report is not correctly reporting if reports are billable.
  • Fixed: Forwarding messages from two different tickets - or using the Reply with Copy or Quote options from two different tickets - opens both in the same window, causing the first compose content to be lost.
  • Fixed: If the app pool doesn't have permission to access the App_Data directory, a fatal error is encountered during the setup wizard.
  • Fixed: Installs using MySQL may not fully log ticket, chat, and call log history details.
  • Fixed: Sending a ticket message when using MS Edge sometimes causes the formatting of the message - including line breaks - to be stripped.
  • Fixed: Tickets which have had a form sent can causes errors during the ticket purge process.
  • Fixed: When creating a Canned Reply, attempting to save without a title or body causes an endless spinner.
  • Fixed: When registering a user on the portal, the time zone selected is not properly saved.
  • Removed: Unnecessary date filters from the following reports: Flagged Canned Replies, Flagged KB Articles, Flagged News Items, Stale Canned Replies, Stale KB Articles.

Andrea Rogers
Customer Operations Manager
SmarterTools Inc.