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Announcement made by Tim Uzzanti - January 14 at 12:21 PM
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We're excited to announce that we are committing to April for MAPI being released.

With the holidays and all the product releases, along with new account management tools and website for customers, we really wanted to let the dust settle before committing to a date because we really want to meet it.

With the new Maintenance and Support in effect, we can now provide builds for our products on a monthly basis, which will include new features that would normally have waited for a major release.  There are a couple of features in SmarterMail that we want to get out over the next couple of months that people have been requesting which won't impact our efforts on MAPI, etc.

As we get closer, more information will be provided.  Look forward to some new features over the next couple of months and then our big reveal of MAPI in April. 
Tim Uzzanti
SmarterTools Inc.
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Excellent :)


In what year?  lol :)

Hi Tim,

MAPI release in April (2019?) means hopefully a "stable/official release" of your MAPI-implementation in SmarterMail.

To achieve this, in my eyes a (public) beta should start at least in February 2019 - I would expect at least 4-6 weeks for beta-testing. Or what are your plans concerning official beta-testing?

When should we expect MAPI to be in Beta? We'd like to participate.
FWIW, we see demand for MAPI decreasing. Here's why -- Outlook customers are moving to Office 365 email because Microsoft is bundling it with an Office upgrade.

The people using Outlook are business customers committed (or addicted) to Microsoft Office. When they go to upgrade Office, Microsoft throws in O365 for free or at a very low cost making it a simple financial decision.

With that said, we would prefer a more powerful webmail with the look and feel of Outlook, so people can ditch the email client. Also, demand for ActiveSync is increasing with mobile devices, so improvements there would be appreciated. Thanks.
FWIW, we have an increase in customers wanting tighter integration with Outlook. We have many clients moving from O365 because of the high costs, poor support and other issues, compared to what we can offer with SmarterMail.

The vast majority of our clients are businesses that use Office and have no issues with SmarterMail. We did 3 migrations this past weekend from O365, with 2 scheduled this week and 4 more towards midish March. We have others coming from Google, iCloud, Rackspace and other email providers. While adding MAPI doesnt do much for your business and your environment, it will ours, majorly. If you have clients that need MAPI and you'd rather push them to web, send them our way, we will be ready :)

If SmarterTools wants SM to compete as a "Exchange competitor" as they've always pushed SM to be, they need Exchange-level protocols and support. Adding MAPI will do just that along with EWS and EAS. EWS has done wonders for us with eMClient and give us quite a good relationship with them as well. So, onward ST with MAPI :)


I second echoDreamz.

I have two customer migrations lined up once MAPI has been released (and is stable).  But no migration will take place until MAPI support is there and is 99% bug free.

Some users have huge mailboxes (15GB) that will be problematic using EAS.  Plus all the other improvements that MAPI will bring around notes & calendars will make it worthwhile switching existing customers from EAS over to MAPI.



Now that April is just a week away, are there any news to be shared related to it? Is everything on schedule? Will we see it in the first part of April or the second?

Thank you!

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