New SmarterMail BETA Release Available
Announcement made by Derek Curtis - November 1, 2018 at 4:46 PM
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We’re very pleased to announce the next version of SmarterMail! 

In this thread, we will only post release notes and changes as new releases are made public. Bugs, suggestions and other feedback should be discussed in the other threads within the SmarterMail category. Use the Subscribe button above to receive email notifications when changes have been made or new builds are made available. Instructions on downloading the most current version can be found below.

Step 1 - What to know

Releases of SmarterMail posted in this thread may contain bugs or issues, and some configuration details may still change from release to release. As a result, you should be wary when installing these builds on product servers. There are EXTENSIVE back end processing and configuration file changes that will absolutely and unequivocally prevent you from rolling back to SmarterMail 16.x or earlier. We strongly recommend backing up any databases and file structures before you install the release linked below or any future updates. 

Step 2 - Download the product

The product install files can be downloaded from the link below. Be sure to check back for updates to see when a new build has been released. To upgrade to a new build, follow the steps to perform a minor upgrade, and use the installer link below for accessing each new build. 
Full Installer:

IMPORTANT NOTE: In SmarterMail 17.x, we've updated the indexing format. On your initial upgrade to 17.x (from any earlier major release), ALL user accounts will be reindexed in order to utilize this new format. As the reindexing occurs, you will see a temporary spike in CPU. However, please note that a user's experience and the overall server performance should not be negatively impacted, as the indexing thread is prioritized lower than all other threads. In addition, users will still be able to search while this one-time bulk reindex occurs. This is because a user's account will use the old indexing format for searches if the reindexing has not yet been performed for their account. As soon as their account has finished reindexing, it will simply switch to the updated format.

Step 3 - Post your feedback
In the SmarterMail category, you'll have the ability to create new threads to Propose an Idea, Report a Problem, and Ask a Question. Please post ONE suggestion, problem or question per thread. This will ensure that each item can be discussed individually and will allow us to better track the implementation of feature requests and bug reports.
Thanks so much for helping to test SmarterMail! We look forward to your feedback!
Derek Curtis
SmarterTools Inc.
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A new BETA  build is now available! Version 17.0.6878 has been released. Use the installer link from the main post above to update to this new version.

ADDED: Ability to delete chat messages in Workspace by the organizer or original poster of the chat message.
CHANGED: If the troubleshooting logs for a given date range are empty, the system admin is prevented from downloading an empty log file.
CHANGED: Adjusted the Team Workspace video chat stacking to use more available screen space.
CHANGED: "Apply footer to mailing lists" switch is disabled if the footer is not applied to all messages.
CHANGED: Show muted icon on user's own video when they are muted in Team Workspace video chat.
FIXED: Grid views do not show non-categorized items.
FIXED: Moving the date forward or backward only affects the current calendar view.
FIXED: The calendar week view title does not account for locales starting on different days.
FIXED: Team Workspaces that no longer exist still show in the Storage Files as a folder with guid name with no way to remove them.
FIXED: All entries in the chat window's 'Chat with...' list are slightly cut off on the top in Safari on iPhone.
FIXED: User shared Tasks appear in Calendar despite visibility being turned off.
FIXED: Changes made by a domain admin to GAL entries in Contacts are not preserved.
FIXED: For a domain Task Reminder Occurred event, the Status condition shows untranslated text.
FIXED: When you edit an event condition, clicking on a new condition type does not close the dropdown window.
FIXED: Detaching a user-shared Task list from Calendar section does not work properly.
FIXED: Creating a yearly recurring appointment in Mac calendar via EWS sets the appointment to weekly.
FIXED: System admin logs scroll slowly in various browsers.
FIXED: The Domain Footer "Apply to mailing lists" setting does not append the domain footer to mailing list system messages.
FIXED: Removing bounces from a mailing list subscriber does not work.
FIXED: Posting to a mailing list with proper permission yields a "Post failure - insufficient permissions" message.
FIXED: Upgrading to 17.x turned all users to show in the GAL despite some having that setting turned off.
FIXED: When you log out you will get an error in webmail if the domain uses virtual directories. (E.g.,
FIXED: When adding/removing mailing list posters, new permissions do not take effect immediately.
FIXED: File storage does not load all folders.
FIXED: Primary sources are not translated in source dropdowns.
FIXED: Folder translations are not correct across some protocols.
FIXED: Clicking on deleted workspace files from file storage opens new tab with 404; Back button redirects to a login screen.
FIXED: Unable to read links in tasks or pencil previews in dark theme.
FIXED: The domain footer never applies to mailing list system messages.
FIXED: Delivery log shows NullReferenceException when sending a mailing list message.
FIXED: Errors in delivery and SMTP logs regarding certificate problems. (Logs now show certificate issues, if encountered).
TRANSLATIONS: Updated Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) translation files.
TRANSLATIONS: Added English (United Kingdom) translation file.
Derek Curtis
SmarterTools Inc.
(877) 357-6278