Appointments sent to Mailing Lists (ICS file in lieu of Accept/Decline Button)
Problem reported by Cris Mead - 4/5/2024 at 11:36 AM
Hello, we noticed a problem of late regarding making appointments directly from the calendar in Smartermail's web interface and using mailing lists.

To reproduce the problem: 
  1. click on a date in the calendar to create an appointment
  2. in the attendees / resources section
  3. Add 1 mailing list and at least one other email address.
The email gets sent out with a .ICS attachment which works somewhat for advanced users, or everyone with phones and 3rd party email clients, but for the people who use the web interface it causes havoc as most do not have anything to open the .ICS file.

Also, I said somewhat because the 3rd party clients and iphone/android users who open the .ICS file get the calendar setup in 3rd party calendar apps - that in the end do not sync with Smartermail's Calendar.

Build 8853 (Mar 28, 2024) but the problem existed before as well in at least build 8846.

The first picture is how it should appear with accept/decline to enter into smartermail's calendar, the second picture is how it comes via mailing lists with the .ICS file attached

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Cris Mead Replied
Bumping, anyone see similar, the issue is still here with Build 8874 (Apr 18, 2024)

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