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Idea shared by Montague WebWorks - 4/26/2024 at 8:42 AM
I am working with an elderly gentleman who I've been hosting email for the past decade and as time goes on he keeps accidentally subscribing to lists and then complains that his email is too clogged up with crap he doesn't want. He currently has over 10k in unread emails.

Using the webmail interface, I am starting from the most recent emails in his inbox, almost all of which are from email lists, and following these steps: do a search on the sender to see how many there are, opening one email and unsubscribing, then deleting all. Rinse repeat.

** REQUEST: What I would LOVE is a domain sender report for this user so I can see who are the most egregious senders are, unsubscribe and delete, to get the most bang for my hourly buck.

This would be a tool I believe end users would like to use for the same purposes. Spam seems to be getting worse every day, and many mailing lists are now sending one or two emails PER DAY, which will definitely stack up if you don't check your email every day or don't delete emails you don't really need.

Not all the email he gets is spam. Some he does want to keep, which I'm pushing over into a Lists folder. For this work I would like to be able to easily create Content Filter Rules to have all future emails from that sender go into the Lists folder.

** REQUEST: So, additionally, for doing this kind of work, it would be awesome if we could right-click on an email in the left pane and have Content Filter be an option that opens and remains in a pop-up window so we can make the rule, save it, and stay on the email page instead of having to open an email and click Content Filtering in there, which brings us over to the Settings page. Not as quick or efficient. Leaving the email page makes managing large amounts of email unwieldy.

As for the list of senders and how many emails they've sent, I suppose there are special client apps that can be used to do this. Just thought that would be a good tool to have within the webmail client. Something like this...

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