Splitting up Attachements of Knowledgebase and Tickets on file-level
Idea shared by EL-Support - October 2, 2018 at 12:29 AM
Under Consideration
To follow all guidelines of the GDPR we need to delete all attachments in tickets after a given period of time (for example one month). So we wrote a script, that deletes all attachments in the smartertrack folder\attachments, which are older than x days. Right now this deletes KnowledgeBase-Articles-Attachements as well.
Please split up the attachment-folder of support tickets and knowledgebase-articles. This would improve the handling of those files very much.
We are aware of the function to automatically delete complete tickets after x days - but we want to view older tickets and use them as an internal knowledgebase for longer. Therefore this won´t help us.

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We have added this to our internal tracking system for further discussion.
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