Move an On-Premise Installation of SmarterTrack to a Hosted SmarterTrack Site

Moving data from an installed version of SmarterTrack to a Hosted SmarterTrack site is very simple. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Subscribe to a Hosted SmarterTrack site. (NOTE: you must be subscribed to Hosted SmarterTrack in order to transfer a database and not simply have a 30-day trial).
  2. Submit a support ticket stating you want to transfer your data.
  3. Verify your installed version of SmarterTrack matches the version running on Hosted SmarterTrack. If not, you will need to upgrade your installed version to the version currently running on Hosted SmarterTrack in order to proceed with the transfer.
  4. Make a back up of your SmarterTrack database and make a copy of the attachment folder and raw content (NOTE: Prior to doing this, contact the SmarterTools Support department to verify the latest SQL Server version and format that's required.). Support will provide FTP location to upload the data.
  5. Once you have uploaded your database and attachments to the FTP location, notify Support by replying the ticket.
  6. Support will follow up once the data is installed on your hosted SmarterTrack site.
  7. Login to the hosted SmarterTrack site and confirm data is there.

Your migration is now complete.


Learn more about SmarterTrack’s helpdesk system, which includes live chat, a self service portal and knowledge base software.