DKIM signing for other domains
Question asked by Debby Coutinho - February 2, 2018 at 7:55 AM
Please can someone advise me, we send out bulk mails for clients using interspire email marketer, when the email is sent it is send with a bounce address if you look in the smtp log file and delivery file the MAIL FROM is this address. We enabled the domain for mail signing and sent out an email to check the domain key signing, what we noticed was the following.
When a user sets up their email lists they have the option to select what the FROM and REPLY addresses are, so effectively when the system sends the mail the MAIL FROM is and the FROM is (and the reply is normally this as well).
What smartermail does is that it uses the FROM address domain, to sign the email and not the MAIL FROM domain. Therefore the mails will not be signed when being sent through the server unless the FROM address is set to, or We have to add a domain for each user setup a signing rule, send the user the encryption key and selector and get them to add it to their domain.
I was under the impression that smartermail would use the MAIL From domain to sign the email allowing us to not have to add domains and or get the users to update their dns to allow us to sign their mails.  Maybe there is a setting, please help.
Basically IEM sends to a list of email addresses, creates an email per address, logs into smartermail as user, spools the mail to the queue and then SM delivers it to the remote servers, but the mails are not being signed.

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Does no one know how it works or should work

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