Forward email as attachment (Interface improvement)
Idea shared by echoDreamz - 9/27/2017 at 12:18 PM
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The thousandth customer has called asking if they can forward an email as an attachment through SM, of course the answer is no.
It would great if you guys could add an option for Forward as Attachment or even allow creating a new email and simply dragging and dropping the email you'd like into the new email window.

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Feeling sorry for this idea since it's been sitting here for over a month with nary a reply or even comment...
So when customer 1,001 calls to ask how to forward as attachment, have him/her do this:
  1. Select 2 messages making sure 1 is the one you want to forward
  2. Choose Actions -> Forward and it will attach the messages at the bottom
  3. Click the X to delete the message you don't want to forward
  4. Finish sending the message.
That's it -- couple extra clicks, but it gets the job done. Works fine in 15, but haven't tried it in 16.
Hoping someday we'll want to try it in 16. Maybe after these ideas for interface improvements get a little love:
The SM mail client currently can't save emails to disk, and can't forward as an attachment.  This makes it impossible to forward spam to SpamExperts.  There is no addon from SpamExperts that will work with the SM web client.  SM has "given up" on their own Bayesian filter, which never worked worth a damn anyway, even after hours of configuration of the content filtering.

If SM doesn't want to be known as "the email software for people who love SPAM", then they need to get busy.
Yeah, we have a large number of requests for this. Clients who do want this, we tell them to use a real email client like Outlook, eM Client etc.
Kyle Kerst Replied
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Apologies for the delay on this, I found this posting and the post regarding forwards with headers this afternoon, and I have now submitted this as an official feature request to our development team. Keep an eye out for release notes in the future as this is likely how you'll hear about this addition. Thanks for the suggestion!
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