[SM16 UI] Can't see all-day appointments
Problem reported by kevind - July 5, 2017 at 5:54 AM
In the Calendar section, using the 'week' view, it does not show all-day appointments. You must scroll up to see them!
Show all-day appointments in the top row, just like the weather.
Detailed description: The default calendar view for the week shows appointments from 8am to 6pm -- all-day appointments aren't shown! You need to scroll up to the top (unlikely) to see things like holidays, birthdays, vacation days, etc.
Fix: Lock the top row like every other calendar program (e.g. Google Calendar) to show the all-day event so it's not part of the scrolling grid. Display it always just like the weather.

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Just a reminder about this issue that should be fixed. Not complaining, but it seems like some problems reported in this forum get immediate replies. Others, like this one, are missed?
Derek Curtis Replied
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This wasn't missed...it's on the list but there are some other items we want to get done first. Rest assured we have it down as something to look at. That said, it's not a simple fix. (I know this as it was one of my suggestions early on...) The calendar control that's used has certain editable areas and certain un-editable areas. We'll need to put some time and effort into making the All Day area sticky. Not saying it won't be done, but wanted to put the change into context. 
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Derek, just FYI, it's kind of annoying to hear this item was already on the list so nobody replied. It's a perfect example of why there should be a published list of known issues. See this thread with 14 votes:
Keep your customers from wasting their time providing feedback and bug reports for known problems.
Just a bump as I noticed this is still an issue in 16.3.6508.

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