Creating an Online Meeting in eM Client

SmarterTools offers complete integration with eM Client, one of the finest desktop email clients on the market, available for both Windows and MacOS. One part of that integration is that SmarterMail's Online Meetings is set up as an online meeting option when creating new appointments.

In eM Client it's possible to set up two meeting types: a Standard Event, or an Online Meeting.
Standard events are just that: in person meetings with others. An Online Meeting is an audio/video conference that's held, generally, with people working remotely or with attendees who are unable to appear in person.  

SmarterMail is set as the default "Online Meeting" option when creating your invitation, and eM Client will create a SmarterMail online meeting that uses the meeting's Title as the subject. In addition, a link is automatically added to the invitation; there's no need for you to copy/paste anything into the meeting request. (NOTE: You may not see the link in the meeting's description, but it will be in the invitation received by attendees as well as in your calendar appointment.)
The online meeting that's created can be used once, or as part of a recurring appointment, like weekly sales or marketing meetings. Regardless of how you want to use them, having Online Meetings integrated into eM Client means all of your options are covered, for any type of appointment you want to create.