[SM16 UI] Move Settings (gear icon) to right
Idea shared by kevind - May 9, 2017 at 7:09 AM
IMO, here's a simple change that would make SM16 more user-friendly:

Move the Settings button (gear icon) to the right side of the menu bar like other email programs (Outlook.com, Yahoo, Gmail) and even non-email programs (SmarterTrack, Internet Explorer, etc.).

Just trying to make SM16 a smooth transition for users from 15.


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Shaun brought up a good point. Why are some icons on the menu bar (Contacts, Tasks) and others are in a fancy flyout/dropdown (File Storage, News Feeds). Why not just put them all across the top as there's plenty of room.
If some users don't need all these buttons, give the user (or admin) the ability to turn them on/off with a simple checkbox in Settings.
People in this forum are complaining about the SM16 user interface. Suggest making a few simple changes (like moving the Settings icon) so it's more like v15. This improves the UI by making it more user-friendly and consistent with other email and web-based systems.
Also, what about moving the chat status options (Available, Away, Do Not Disturb, etc.) so they are under the Chat menu? Seems like a logical move. Thanks!
Hey, just wanted to follow-up on this thread as one of the items discussed above was implemented in today's release:
  • Changed: The navigation icons now utilize maximum horizontal space and collapses into a dropdown menu as necessary on smaller screens.
Good suggestion, Shaun, and nice work SM Team! Maybe the other items in this thread could be implemented as well? TIA.

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