SURBL Spam Checks Slow
Question asked by Ron Raley - 8/28/2015 at 11:16 AM
Does anyone know how to effectively utilize SURBL without the spam check taking 30 seconds or longer? Is it based on volume?
SURBL - Abuse Buster - "Attention Needed" - 31,237 ms
SURBL - JWSpamSpy - "Attention Needed" - 16,035 ms
SURBL - Malware - "Attention Needed" - 12,003 ms
SURBL - Phishing - "Attention Needed" - 9,538 ms
I have them disabled until I can figure out why they are so slow.  All other spam checks are blazing fast.  Any help is appreciated.

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Scarab Replied
I'm getting 19-21ms response for all the SURBL lists.
They do throttle you if you exceed 250,000 messages per day, but if you are using your own private DNS Servers it more likely it sounds like a latency issue somewhere between you and them (a tracert should tell if there is a routing issue or node timeout somewhere). Considering their servers are in the Netherlands, and Italy periodically slow response times wouldn't be too unusual if you are stateside. 
Ron Raley Replied
Thanks for the reply. I just noticed things speed up tremendously this weekend with speeds between 6-12ms. I have gone ahead and turned them back on.

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