Permanently Delete Button or Option for individual messages
Idea shared by support - 9/17/2021 at 7:11 AM
What I would like to see is the ability to permanently delete one message at a time.  Currently, I have my email set up to move all deleted messages to the deleted items folder.  I need to keep my deleted messages for six months to a year in the event I need to refer back t them.  But, there are some (kinda of a lot) single emails that I would like to just be able to permanently delete (not move to my deleted messages folder) on an individual basis.  As an example, I get an unsolicited email about buying spoons, I don't want to keep that message and have it clogging up my inbox or delete it and have it clogging up my deleted items folder.  BUT, in order to permanently delete this one message, I have to delete it from my inbox, then go to my deleted messages folder and delete it again.  What would be super handy is if there was a button that was simply 'delete permanently' or if you highlighted (selected) the message and hit like ctrl and the delete key on the keyboard (or some other combination) it would delete this individual message permanently - overriding my current setting of placing it into the deleted messages folder.  This is an option on one of my other email programs and I have also had a similar option in an email program that I used many years ago.  It is a great time saver and organization tool.  Please consider making this an option.  Thank you.

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So instead of deleting emails you need to keep for 6+ months just move them to a folder and use the deleted folder it was meant to be used.

Here's another idea:

Mark the "buying spoons" message as Spam so it goes to Junk E-mail folder.
 (except if you're using webmail as there's no Mark as Spam button :)

Then configure Junk folder to purge up after 7 days.


That would be a good idea, but I am using the webmail version.  And, there are some auto response emails from senders that I wouldn't really want to mark as spam, but don't need to keep the 'I have received your email' or 'I am out of the office' reply either.

Eidskrem - Well, that is kind of what I am trying to avoid is moving messages from one folder, to the next folder, to the next folder . . . if I can simple tag the message I don't want and hit a 'perm delete' button, it takes me a half a second instead of taking the time to reorganize all of my emails every day.  But, thanks for sharing your idea -- it may work well for someone else.
Deleted messages is junk.
Its the garbage can and should and can be emptied at any time by anyone (you or the server)
Using deleted messages to store messages is just dumb, makes no sense.

You dont have to move to folder to folder, just create a second deleted type folder and move all there.
You can empty that based on time later.

Thank you for your thoughts. I still think that the ability to permanently delete a single message would be helpful to me and maybe others.  Like I said, I have used several different email programs that have allowed this and it is handy.  If it is not useful to you, then you would not have to use it.

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