Cannot Delete Email Folder

This article applies to recent versions of SmarterMail. View articles for SmarterMail 16.x and earlier.


A custom email folder cannot be deleted. (The deleted email folder reappears after refreshing the site.)


This issue is likely to occur when the custom email folder contains special characters that are not supported. If an email folder cannot be deleted within the web interface, please contact your email provider, as a system administrator will need to perform the following steps on the server where SmarterMail is installed: 

  1. In the Windows Services panel, stop the SmarterMail service. (Find the Services panel in the Start menu's Administrative Tools option.)
  2. Navigate to the folders.json file. By default, this is found at C:\SmarterMail\Domains\[domain_name]\Users\[username]\folders.json. 
  3. Make a backup copy of the folders.json file. 
  4. Edit the folders.json file. (Ensure you have administrative access when modifying the file.)
  5. In this file, all of a user's email folders and collaboration items (primary calendar, secondary calendars, contact list, etc.) can be found. Locate the entry for the email folder that cannot be deleted by finding the corresponding folder name. The folder name will be denoted by the "path" or "display_name" tags. 
  6. Delete the entire entry for the folder, beginning with the opening curly bracket and ending with the closing curly bracket. (Ensure you remove the closing comma as well, if the folder being deleted is not the last entry in the list.) NOTE: If the folder that should be deleted contains subfolders, you will need to manually delete all subfolders as well. For example, if you would like to delete a folder named "HR", and that folder contains a subfolder named "Payroll", you would need to delete the following lines:
    {       "guid": "cc6641a6f8b7495abb4511c05129df07",       "id": 20014,       "folder_id_parent": 20001,       "type": 1,       "path": "HR",       "change_number": 2196344668161,       "display_name": "HR",       "contents_modified_utc": "2019-01-15T15:55:52.5572836Z",       "extra_properties": []     },     {       "guid": "ef9a7a9956924f9c95c00e5eb4343367",       "id": 20015,       "folder_id_parent": 20014,       "type": 1,       "path": "hr\\Payroll",       "change_number": 2196345782273,       "display_name": "Payroll",       "contents_modified_utc": "2019-01-15T15:55:52.5572836Z",       "extra_properties": []     }
  7. Save the file. 
  8. In the Windows Services panel, start the SmarterMail service. 
  9. After completing this process, the custom folder and all of its contents will be permanently deleted.